Course description

I. Fostering Smart and Inclusive Growth across EU
  • Economic growth and competitiveness in EU
  • Smart and Inclusive Growth
  • Fostering innovation and citizen engagement in smart cities development 
Professors: Ana Iolanda VODA; Laura Diana RADU

II. Building Smart Communities for Smart Cities
  • ​Smart cities dimensions
  • Smart communities infrastructure
  • Core objectives of an optimized smart community
  • Tools for Designing Smart Communities in Smart Cities
  • Improving ICT competences to become smarter
  • Exploring the relationship between ICT competences and citizen intelligence
  • Future technologies of smart cities and smart communities
Professor:  Laura Diana RADU

III. New Forms of Employment across European Union
  • ​Employment and human capital. The era of on-demand work in smart cities
  • The employment crisis. Youth employability, in relation to the new challenges of smart cities
  • European Best Practice in shaping and enforcing labour conditions
Professor: Ana-Maria BERCU



Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
22, Carol I Boulevard, 700505​
Iasi, Romania