European Smart Cities for Sustainable Development


The project is focused on the triple objective of the Europe 2020 strategy which emphases the importance of smart, sustainable and inclusive-cohesive growth and aims to enhance awareness on the EU smart cities development.



The project aims to address the objectives and priorities of the Action, throughout the following specific objectives:

  • Deliver 3 new and interdisciplinary courses that will help students and young researchers to align their research to EU standards and priorities, to offer the necessary knowledge to work and live in a smart city and to train them for a competitive and dynamic labour market
  • Promoting excellence in teaching and research on EU smart cities, living and working in urban communities and European Best Practice exchange
  • Developing new borders of knowledge for students and young researchers in interdisciplinary fields and support adaptation to a hyper-connected and complex environment
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas between students, teachers, policy-makers, business representatives and the general public as a whole and strengthen the role of EU smart cities in a globalised world.


The project will deliver three new and interdisciplinary courses; elaborate a portfolio of teaching materials; organise 3 workshops and an international conference; publish one conference volume and conduct innovative research activities, resulting in papers presented at international conferences (around 1-2/year) and article publication (at least one). The project will provide synthetic information through yearly newsletters and disseminate the results using SmartEU website.


The module is open to students and young researchers from different disciplines, enrolled at UAIC or others from the region, and who are interested in understanding and enhancing awareness on the EU smart cities development.

Registration to JM courses-Academic year 2021-2022

Students' registration to the SmartEU, academic year 2021-2022, is now open. Participation is open to students and young researchers from different disciplines, enrolled at UAIC or others universities from the region. See the description of courses.

NEW!!! WORKSHOP 3rd June, 2022 Afis_workshopSMARTEU.pdf

The courses are organized during the three weeks: May 2nd - May 15th 2022 and between June 2nd- June 9th 2022.

 Documents for registration:

  1. Identity card – scanned copy; 
  2. CV-europass format (.doc; .docx; .pdf)
  3. Student identity card (only for those students not registered within UAIC).
  4. Registration form

The selection process for JM module SmartEU is based on the principle "first come, first served".

Registration deadline-Please register before April 30th 2022.

Selection results - Will be available on May 1st 2022.

 NEW!!!!! Selection results are available here:lista inscrisi_2022.pdf

Registration can be also performed online!! Please have the above-mentioned documents ready and fill out the registration form

To prevent spamming, we kindly ask you to login:

  • If you are a FEAA student, please use your Teams credentials.
  • If you are not a FEAA student, please login using the following credentials:
    • User name:
    • Password: Smarteu2021



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