The research activity aims at providing support to students, young researchers, and other practitioners and interested parties by focusing on the main challenges and opportunities for developing the city into a "smart" or "intelligent" one and the importance of achieving sustainable development and growth.

Expected research results

  • Papers published in peer-review journals indexed in international databases with high visibility (Web of Science/Scopus, /EBSCO/CEEOL/DOAJ)
  • Conference volume published within a recognized Publishing House
  • Working papers presented at international conferences (1-2/year)


1. Radu, L. D., & Voda, A. I. (2022). The Role of Smart Cities in Stimulating and Developing Entrepreneurship. In Managing Smart Cities: Sustainability and Resilience Through Effective Management (pp. 139-157). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

2. Voda, A. I., Florea, N., Ciulu, R., Luiza Costuleanu, C., & Gradinaru, C. (2022). Digital Strategy Assessment in Education. What Actions Need to Be Addressed? The Perception of Students in Social Sciences and Humanities. Transformations in Business & Economics, 21

3. Radu D., Voda A.I., (2023), Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Smart Cities in Covid-19 Pandemic Context, Emerald Publishing (In press)



Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
22, Carol I Boulevard, 700505​
Iasi, Romania